Water Line Replacement & Repair


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sewer line repair columbus oh

Before Leaking

sewer line repair columbus oh

After Replacement

Choose A1 Pro Services, LLC for all your water line repair needs in the Columbus Ohio areas.

In many cases we can offer trenchless methods to replace your entire waterline, with very little disturbance to your lawn, sidewalks,  and landscaping. When excavation and or concrete removal is required, we can repair and replace the concrete, and perform a compacted backfill without leaving a mess. We take pride in our work. Ask about our copper water line guarantee.

To request a free estimate for water line repair work in Columbus, Ohio, call A1 Pro Services at 614-329-5855 today.

3 signs you need a water line replacement

Not sure if your Columbus, OH home needs a water line replacement? Here are three indicators it’s time to call A1 Pro Services:

  1. Continuous wet spots or standing or water in your lawn or beds, water coming out of the curb stop box. Water running down the curb or street all the time. Sink holes or depressions in the ground. Cracked and deteriorated concrete above the waterline.
  2. Sump pump continually runs, even in dry weather conditions. 
  3. Hissing sound detected from the water meter or the ground even when not using water.

We’ll use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to complete your water line replacement quick and clean the same day. Call 614-329-5855 now to make an appointment.

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