What Causes a Water Service Line to Break?

There are many factors that can cause water service lines to start leaking. In many cases the water sevice line has been buried in the soil for many many years, and eventually succumbs to the elements. Older lines were commonly installed with galvanized steel pipe, and many are still in service today. Galvanized steel lines eventually corrode through and begin leaking. It's also common to have build up of corrosion and elements on the interior wall of the pipe restricting volume considerably. We often see 3/4" lines restricted down to 1/4", and customers experience what they believe to be low pressure. Galvanized steel is no longer an acceptable material for water lines, but galvanized steel lines are still allowed to be repair within limitations. We replace galvanized steel lines throughout Columbus and vicinity every week. Recently we replaced a galvanized line that was installed in 1897. Plastic Poly water service lines are very common today. Most builders initially install poly lines due to the material being very inexpensive. Poly lines are subject to embrittlement after 15 year in the soil, and experience small cracks that begin leaking. Poly line are also subject to penetration by rocks in the soil and pressure over the years that cause leaks. Another common problem experienced with poly lines is breakage from settling soil around the foundation, pulling down and putting pressure against the foundation blocks. Poly lines have been popular in the Columbus area since the 70's, and continue to be installed today. A1 Pro Services replaces poly lines every week, often in homes built less than 20 years ago. After 3 generations of waterline installation we have found that copper is the superior material for water service lines. Water service lines today are required to be installed a minimum of 42" deep below the surface. This keeps the waterline in soil that maintains a consistent temperature, and prevents any freezing. Water service lines install with type K cooper material, which is softer, and has a thicker wall. Copper started to be used for underground water service lines in the 1960's, and even today we seldom have to repair a copper line, and full replacements are unusual. Coppers corrosive resistant property's, and strength and ductility are unmatched still today. It is for this reason that A1 Pro Services LLC almost exclusively uses copper for water service line replacements, and we guarantee our new copper line installs against leaks for 10 years. Many of our competitors always use plastic, because it is 30 times cheaper and easier to work with. A1 Pro Services still beats our competitors prices using the best material on the market today, because we care about quality and value.

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